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Keith Klein Links – Prime Business & Social on Keith Klein Home Page
Keith Klein Links – Important sites, forums, directories, etc., follow.
Keith Klein Links – Prime Business Links:
WebForging Logo used in the footer of WebForging.com
Keith Klein Link to WebForging, the book he authored in 2008

WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence Author, Keith Klein, 242 pagesCopyright 2008

is a rather timeless guide to a practical, dynamic web site.  The first section comprises four chapters:  Choosing a Supplier, Budget, Your Domain Name and Timing.  The second section covers all the facets of a website, a guide to what should or should not be part of your web presence, depending on the type of business you are and your goals.  The third section is devoted to marketing and communications and the final section – a single chapter of the 24 chapters in the book – is title, The Future.

Keith Klein Links – Prime Forum Links:
NamePros.com, Awesome Domaining Forum
NamePros.com, Awesome Domaining Forum

NamePros.com is an excellent forum to buy, sell & disccuss domain names.    Nominated as Member of the Month here a couple of times…but that was back when there were only twenty or thirty thousand members.  Learned enough here to turn an offer of $5,000 for a domain into a sale for $107,000!  That sale was one of the 25 biggest domain sales of the year in 2005 worldwide .  My screen name is WebForging.

NamePros.com Stats:
Discussions:     827,716
Messages:      4,665,898
Members:         958,092


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