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Keith Klein Calendar

All events of mine, personal and professional, are posted on this Keith Klein Calendar.  Events are subject to change and adjustment, of course.

Schedule Keith Klein with an invitation from your calendar to keith <at> onyourmark <dot> com

Keith Klein Calendar – Google Calendar:  Central Standard Time


Keith Klein Calendar – General Availability

This is Keith Klein’s availability for business in general:

Weekdays:  7 am to 9 pm Available

Google Calendar Icon for Keith Klein Calendar - Click to see the Calendar
Keith Klein Calendar on Google

Weekends:  9am to 7 pm

Schedule phone calls on the Keith Klein calendar easily.

Please consider drive time for in-person meetings.  Feel free to schedule any event.  Please don’t assume the event is concrete until you get a confirmation.

Please give an idea of your topic of conversation and agenda.


Google Calendar Help Center located at https://support.google.com/calendar/?hl=en#topic=3417969

p.s.:  If you’d like a calendar page setup on your website, give us a call at 262-853-7900.  Leave a clear message, with suggested times to get back to you.  Better yet, schedule an event by sending an email from your calendar to keith <at> onyourmark <dot> com.  Best, click on the “+Calendar” icon at the bottom of the calendar (above) and schedule a time.


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