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photo of Buying In Audible Book Cover

Buying In – The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are

Buying In contains thought provoking insights on Human Nature.

Buying In is a well-written and very well-narrated collection of insights for anyone interested in marketing and/or human nature. The book gives a particularly good analysis of buzz marketing, a variation of word-of-mouth advertising – easily the best marketing tool around in my opinion.

As another reviewer observed, this book is not a how-to manual.  Nevertheless, anyone interested in marketing would do well to read Buying In, and to synthesize their thoughts on the content into any formal or informal marketing efforts.

The book made me a better observer of testimonials shared in dialogues among family, friends, clients and trade associations. Even those conversations I engage in or overhear at a restaurant, tavern or farmers market feel more intimate when people share their thoughts on products and services…I feel I have a better ear for what they’re saying and a greater knowledge of why they may be sharing their thoughts after listening to Buying In.

The book encouraged this post.  My goal is to read or hear at least fifty books a year.   I often share my opinions on what I’m reading with others.  This book validated my interest in writing my opinions as well.

Find the version of the book I perused here:

Buying In

The Secret Dialogue Between                photo of Buying In Audible Book Cover
What We Buy and Who We Are

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Audible Books – Audible.com – Best of the Web

Audible Books – Audible.com – Best of the Web

I’ve recommended Audible Books forever.  I’ve been saying this for years:  Audible.com is one of the best sites on the web.  That was true even when the site was much slower and clunkier than other great e-commerce sites.

With Audible’s acquisition by Amazon, Audible.com has only gotten better.  I used to have to do a dual search on Audible and on Amazon.com because the reviews on Amazon were far greater, in quantity and quality.  Now Audible Books lists both sets of reviews right at Audible.com!
>>Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks   <<<

What am I getting?

  • Includes two free audiobooks with your free trial.
  • Choose from 180,000+ best sellers, new releases sci-fi, romances, mysteries, classics, and more.
  • After 30 days, get 1 book each month, $14.95/month
  • Cancel easily anytime. Your books are yours to keep, even if you cancel.

The great thing about Audible is that you can:
Stream the book and listen from your computer
and / or you can download and listen from your MP3 Player, iPod, smartphone, tablet, or computer
and / or you can burn to a disc and listen on your home or car stereo
and – when you’re all done, your audible book is still in your Audible.com library awaiting your next listen, in any format(s) you choose!

My reading goal for many years was 25 books per year.  When I discovered Audible Books at least twelve or  fifteen years ago, I was able to increase my annual reading goal to 50 books!  I’m able to “read” many more books by listening (while driving, showering, working, etc.) than ever before.   Moreover, I find myself listening actively two, three or more times to particularly interesting and salient information, often taking notes as I do so.  Great for business reading!

By the way, Audible Books are a great value!  I average about $10 per book by buying in bulk and by taking advantage of 3 books for 2 credits type deals.

Keith Klein hosting Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch & Learn

Keith Klein hosting Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch & Learn

Keith Klein
Owner, OnYourMark, LLC
Author, WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence

Note: the link gives me a nominal affiliate credit for your free try and/or purchase of Audible Books.  I would recommend them (I have recommended them for years) even without the free Audio Books link.